checkQC.parsers.parser module

class checkQC.parsers.parser.Parser[source]

Bases: object

Parser is the base class for all parser implementations.

A Parser will parse data and send it to its subscribers. Exactly what an item of data is depends on the particular implementation. The subscribers are then responsible for deciding if they are interested in that particular datum or not.

Parsers should be connected to their subscribing handlers by a third class, an example of how this can be accomplished can be found in the QCEngine.

Classes inheriting the Parser class must implement their run method. For details on what is required by the method implementation see the run method documentation.

Furthermore in order for Parsers to be identifiable it is necessary to implement a custom version of __eq__ and __hash__, which provides a custom definition of equivalence, this can e.g. be based on which runfolder the parser is setup to get its data from.


Add the following subscriber(s) to this parser.

Parameters:new_subscribers – a instance of a Subscriber or a list of Subscriber instances

All Parsers must implement this method. Calling it should parse the data, what ever that means in the particular context, and send this data to its subscribers.

The run method should send data to the parsers subscribers using the _send_to_subscribers method.