checkQC.parsers.stats_json_parser module

class checkQC.parsers.stats_json_parser.StatsJsonParser(runfolder, parser_configurations, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: checkQC.parsers.parser.Parser

The StatsJsonParser reads the values from the Illumina Stats.json file (which is created by bcl2fastq) and sends each key value pair as a tuple to the subscribers, e.g.:

(‘Flowcell’, ‘CB1TVANXX’) (‘RunNumber’, 303) (‘RunId’, ‘170726_D00118_0303_BCB1TVANXX’)

The subscribers decide which of these values they are iterested in.


All Parsers must implement this method. Calling it should parse the data, what ever that means in the particular context, and send this data to its subscribers.

The run method should send data to the parsers subscribers using the _send_to_subscribers method.